Artist | Cinematographer


Sporobole – working title
In situ installation in the artist run center, Sporobole, Sherbrooke, October 2016.

For three weeks, I will invest the gallery in order to seize its image. I will set up my workshop and my study in the space: Sporobole will become my laboratory.

To observe, capture, print, project, overprint, superimpose.

For 21 days, I will consider the texture of the space, its architecture, spatiality, light and micromovements. I will capture diverse slices of time-space that bear witness to my perception of the space. From these captured images, I will perform displacements between fixed and moving image, fictitious and real space, presence and absence.

The artwork will become a reconstruction of the space; a photographic and videographic installation seeking to create an image. It will not be an end in itself, but rather the reflection of my use of the space, a witness to my thought process towards the medium.

Playing with the hybridization between photography and video allows me to create representations that do not belong in any reality. I aim for each project to speak for the works’ temporality. I weave the medium with the representation. From this intertwining I explore the image’s time through the figure of the landscape.

This landscape, I want to construct it.