Video installation at La Bande Vidéo, Quebec, February 2018.

Miscēre is comprised of a projection: the lines of a mountain ridge; and its reflection in the water. The installation, which unfolds in a series of mirrors, gets divided and duplicated, so that each of the projection surfaces is influenced by the overlap. This is where two spacetimes meet: one fixed and impassive, the other in constant motion. By splitting up, the landscape is distorted and images morph over time. Light changes, as does the movement of waves altering their texture. All these elements play on our perception of the piece to finally reveal images that are closer to abstraction, even though they originate from a common landscape. Surfaces and textures are intertwined to form an immersive installation where the viewer is invited to be a part of the piece, as their shadow gets projected into the frame.

With the support of Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.

Anne-Sophie Ohmer talks about Miscēre in the podcast L’Aérospatial , February 27th 2018.
Clic here to listen.  – In French –