Installation shown at VU PHOTO, for the Mois Multi, Quebec City, Febuary 2015.

At the heart of the space, an abandoned place is projected on a large photograph of the same image. Open books lie disorderly on the floor; the sun timidly illuminates the wall. Is it a photograph or a video? The light gets brighter and brighter, windows start showing up, become clearer, then catch fire. They suggest it would almost be possible to see through them. Little by little, the viewer’s perception is blurred, they get caught in this universe of transparencies and slowed temporalities. In doing so, they inexorably position themself in front of the image, which becomes a veritable mirror. This Fenestra is completed by a photographic series in which interior landscapes coalesce and merge into light.


Des écrins de lumière by Anne Pilorget, Vies des Arts, volume 60, no 240.